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The term "Surya" refers to the Sun. Originally from Sanskrit, India’s oldest language, Surya represents: • the soul • will-power • fame • the eyes • general vitality • courage • kingship • fathers • highly placed persons • authority Esoterically, the sun represents the point where the manifest worlds meet or unite. In yoga, the sun represents the masculine force. Surya also signifies the Self within. Suria Badminton Centre is an established Club in Markham, Ontario Canada. Our goal is to develop badminton as a sport for all, and to encourage the best players to progress up through the rankings at the club, country and international levels. Based in the Markham Ontario, Suria Badminton Centre caters to all ages and abilities, from the beginner to advanced level in a recreational environment or in a competitive level We strive to be the club in which players can reach their highest aspirations. We pride ourselves on providing our players with a positive atmosphere in which to play and practice. It is a place of gathering, where coaches, players, parents, and staff can give badminton their very best. Our coaches highly trained in the sport of badminton, and are accredited by the Coaches Association of Ontario. They are also experienced in providing our young players with the emotional and mental support needed to succeed in recreational and competitive badminton. If you have additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome any inquiries, and look forward to meeting you. Badminton Head Coach & Director: Troy Chandra; Badminton Coaches: Allen Sutedja; Mario Santoso & Lelyana Daisy Chandra Receptionist: Regina Tang